Short Fiction in Selected Literary Journals

Occasion_Burial_450px “On the Occasion of a Burial of Ernest Zach Ulrich” in February 2018 issue of Strange Horizons.
DENVER Q “Lottie in Fur” in the Fall 2017 Issue of Denver Quarterly.
senan “Otherwise Panic” in Fall 2017 Issue of Shenandoah
Kuryla_page_600x384-1 “Not in Nottingham,” Winner, Glimmer Train Very Short Fiction Prize, in The Normal School.
Coppernickel Web “The Contract” in Copper Nickel.
Epoch Site “The Way of Affliction” in Epoch.
 AQR “Ursus Americanus” in Alaska Quarterly Review.
 Leonardo “Animal Control,” in Witness.
 alaska “The Widow’s Grievance,” in Alaska Quarterly Review.
 pleiades “So Now Sorrow,” in Pleiades.
 alligator-1 “My Husband’s Son,” in Alligator Juniper.
 21_1&2Small “In Our House,” reprinted in Alaska Quarterly Review.
 pushcart “Mis-sayings” reprinted in The Pushcart Prize XXIII: Best of the Small Presses.
 new orleans “Disrooted,” in New Orleans Review.
quarter 5 “Deaf Dog,” in Quarter After Eight.
 greensboro “Mis-sayings,” in The Greensboro Review.
 membrane  “Introduction to Feathers,” in membrane.
 quarter 3  “What’s to Light,” in Quarter After Eight.
 apocalypse-1  “To Skin a Rabbit,” reprinted in Apocalypse, NE Illinois University.
 lynx “Spit Life,” in Lynx Eye.
 tn_25  “Freak Weather,” in Spout.
 brooklyn  “To Skin a Rabbit,” in Brooklyn Review.
 tennessee  “Bones Are Like Butter,” in The Tennessee Quarterly.   
spectator “Black Body: The Potential for a Non-Colonizing Cinema in Africa” in Spectator