New novel Away to Stay coming 2021

Mary Kuryla’s new novel Away to Stay is coming out in fall 2021 with Regal House Publishing.

From the publisher:

Away to Stay was inspired by Kuryla’s marriage to a Russian immigrant, which in turn deepened her understanding of a country where the political institutions destroyed the very fabric of the nuclear family in order to instill primary allegiance to the state. The Russian immigrant character of Irina in Away to Stay is a depiction of what these destructive political forces ultimately produce.

Kuryla then asked whether the U.S. had its produced its own version of destruction of the nuclear family through its systemic failures to guarantee the most basic protections and rights to a home, which the novel’s young narrator Olya longs for, along with the nation’s failure to ensure reintegration into society for veterans, a process which the character of Jack struggles so dearly.  When institutions fail to meet the most basic social needs of its people, the burden turns back on the family to meet those needs. But what if that family is already fractured? Could the members of that family in fact be a product of exactly that systemic failure?